Lindy Hop Level 1


Thursdays @ 7:15 – 8:15 pm
$70.oo / 6 week session

Learn how to Lindy Hop!
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Instructors: Sascha Newberg & Paul Salter

Prior experience suggested: None, however Prior Jitterbug (or East Coast Swing) experience recommended (See level 1 Jitterbug description)

Lindy hop is a six- and eight-count swing dance that can be danced to a variety of music ranging from Swing (Jazz and Big Band) to Traditional Rock & Roll (Rockabilly).

In this level 1 class we will will focus on building a solid partner dance foundation emphasizing partner connection and lead/follow technique.  We will teach you the basic swing-out, as well as swing-outs with inside and outside turns  and other variations of the swing-out.  Each week we will build on the skills from the prior week, with a goal of providing you with a new set of solid moves by completion of the session.

No partner needed. Bring soft-soled shoes that easily turn/pivot and wear comfortable clothing. We encourage changing partners to enhance the learning experience.

Drop-ins ($15) are allowed during the first week of class only, unless you have instructor permission.