Dance Classes & Workshops

No partner is ever required, we’ll pair you up with a partner if you don’t have one.

For most classes, drop-in’s are only allowed during the first week of each session.  Drop-in’s are allowed for BellyDrills and Yoga; any exceptions for other classes require teacher permission.

You should always try and wear comfortable clothing as  a rule. See our class descriptions for what we suggest for each specific class.

Certainly, we only ask that you make the class up during that session.  If you need to take a make up class, ask your instructor what classes may be suitable for you.

We certainly do, drop us a line via e-mail, Facebook or give us a ring!

If you are new to Swing Dance we recommend that you begin with Level 1 Jitterbug.  Not only is this the most straightforward of swing dances to learn, it is also a very versatile swing dance that can be danced to a wide range of music.

Live Music & Dance Socials

Certainly, we think it is only civilized to do so.  We also have an assortment of fine non-alcoholic refreshments should your thirst require quenching otherwise!

Our ‘Second-Saturday Swing’ bands are what we call ‘Rockabilly’, or original American Rock & Roll; expect a lively variety of mid- to high-tempo music ideal for all forms of  swing dance , whether it is Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, Jitterbug, or Collegiate Shag – we provide the music, you do the dancing (or toe-tappin’)!

We also bring in bands that specialize in 1920’s Jazz for our Vintage Dance socials, check out our events calendar for details.

Absolutely not, while we are a dance hall, many folks come just to listen to the music.  If you are interested in learning we always have a free lesson before the band in case you want to try it out!

Rockabilly is what folks just used to refer to as Rock & Roll, it began with the music that musicians like Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley were known for in the 1950s.  As time moved on, the term Rockabilly has been used to refer to this type of original American Rock & Roll.  We are fortunate that this music is still being played today by many talented original artists who we are very proud to be able to bring to the Gas House.